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What We Offer Employees

As one of the largest construction labour providers in the Canadian Prairies, we’re confident in our ability to give you steady employment. You can expect good compensation, great benefits, and the chance to grow and progress in building an interesting, and fulfilling career with the company.

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Apprenticeship RSP Benefits
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Our Commitment To You

Steady Work – You’ll find interesting and diverse work, ranging from small to large projects of various types, in urban as well as rural settings, with a range of potential tasks from general labour to skilled carpentry to running or working on specialized equipment and building systems. You can apply a wide range of skillsets and find opportunity to work in specialized areas that interest you.

Wages – With high demand for craft labour across the Canadian Prairies, we provide very competitive wage compensation within our industry.

Benefits – Our benefits package is excellent, As a member of the Merit Contractors Association in Saskatchewan and Manitoba our employees are covered by there benefits provider Mercon Benefits. There benefits program is a top-of –industry, providing coverage for you and your dependents in a comprehensive health and wellness program.

Pension – We care about your retirement. Upon hire our employees are registered within our company (G.R.S.P) Group Retirement Savings Plan. Banff Constructors provides 3% over and above there employees pay into there G.R.S.P, We do this to help insure that our employees are compensated when they retire. We also have additional employee match programs matching our employees G.R.S.P. contributions up to another 2%.

Training Support – With new technologies and an ever evolving industry we are continually training our people in the latest safety and industry training programs. We also provide addition programs and incentives to our apprentices returning to us after attending there trade school courses.

Career Advancement – Construction is a dynamic sector, and Banff is a growing company. For are employees that equals opportunity for career advancement and the ability climb the ladder to success.

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Apprenticeship Incentive Program

Banff is proud to invest in our employees, particularly through apprenticeship training. We were one of the first construction companies to develop a direct financial incentive program to help provide incentive to our employees to complete their apprenticeships.

Our apprenticeship incentive program includes:

  • Continuous encouragement and cooperation in completing your apprenticeship.
  • Assistance with Reimbursement of tuition through our association with Merit.
  • Financial incentives, including a technical training bonus that is paid in instalments after you pass all your courses and return to work at Banff.
  • An increasing wage scale for each level of apprenticeship you complete.

This program has been highly successful. We have assisted hundreds apprentices in training and have produced hundreds journeymen through this program.

Banff Constructors / RBC Group Retirement Savings Plan

Banff Constructors has established a group retirement savings plan (GRSP) to help our employees save for the financial requirements of there retirement years.

Our GRSP is a savings program that allows our employees to invest in a tax-deferred financial solution until they retire. A group RSP is simply a collection of individual RSP accounts, administered By RBC and Banff Constructors, which allows you to make contributions to the plan directly.

We provide 3% over and above what our employees earn in wages.

We also have an employee GRSP match program available. Banff will match an additional 2% into our employees GRSP when the employee makes a minimum contribution of 2%.

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Employee Benefits

Our benefits plan for hourly Banff employees are provided by Mercon Benefit Services through our association with Merit Contractors Association. All employees are covered under the Hour Bank Plan-for construction site workers and are covered for the following:

  • Life insurance (member and dependent)
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Extended health care
  • Vision care
  • Dental care
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • Tuition refund / Bursary program

Eligibility for the plan:

  • Benefits commence on the first day of the second calendar month after you accumulate 300 hours in your Hour Bank account (within a nine month period).
  • Benefits terminate after your Hour Bank account falls below 150 hours
  • Benefits reinstate if 150 hours are again accumulated in your Hour Bank account within eight months
  • Maximum of 900 hours can be accumulated in your Hour Bank account

Note: When your Hour Bank account falls below 150 hours, you are permitted to self-pay for up to six months to continue all benefits except disability benefits.