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Health, Safety & Environment

HS&E is Priority #1 to Our Business

At Banff Constructors, Health, Safety and Environment are our fist priorities and are a large part of every workday. We adhere to safety management system that is an industry leading program and is integrated into all our operations. By placing the health and safety of our people, the protection of our communities and environment above all else, we continuously complete projects on time and in the safest, most responsible manner.

We believe that all safety-related incidents are foreseeable, predictable and preventable. We are on a Road to Zero incidents through good management and utilization of our resources, a comprehensive HSE management system, a strong supervisory presence, actively caring culture and leadership engagement.

Far more than a regulatory compliance, safety is a core value for us and we focuses on continuous improvement. Our ongoing commitment to safety benefits three important groups: first and foremost, our employees on the job site; second, the families and loved ones of those employees; and third, Banff as an employer of choice, because a safe business is a profitable business.

workers spreading concrete

Mission: Zero

Banff is an enthusiastic supporter of the government’s Mission: Zero – Live Injury-Free safety initiative. Its central concept is that everyone on the jobsite continually tries their utmost to ensure that nobody gets hurt. Banff’s role in Mission: Zero is to focus on additional training of our workers in order to create a better understanding of each job task, combined with continuous review of results and re-evaluation of what is required to carry out job tasks safely.

Safety Management System

We have access to the exceptional and industry-leading safety management system. The system includes a stand-alone safety policy which is highly detailed and governs everything to do with safety on the job site. Banff has adopted all aspects of that policy, and when supplying labour to a construction project we follow a very comprehensive set of safe work practices that flow from the Safety Management System.

Certificate of Recognition

Banff maintains an up-to-date Certificate of Recognition (COR). The COR is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards. Several senior Banff personnel maintain the required COR criteria, having completed comprehensive safety training and remaining current through any required ongoing upgrades.