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Our Unique Culture

The Heart of Banff Constructors

We think there’s no job in the world like construction! You’re achieving something tangible every day, before your eyes. You’re building something that will be useful to others for years, decades or even longer. Construction is an active career that promotes physical fitness, while requiring a range of skills and including challenges to put your mind to work. At the end of the day you can see what you’ve accomplished – and go home feeling good about yourself, your fellow team members and the company you work for.

Deeply embedded in our company from its beginnings, Banff Constructors values have been reflected through our:

  • Commitment, this is demonstrated consistently by the teamwork of our people. The ability to overcome obstacles and maneuver around barriers in our ever changing and evolving industry to surpass expectation.
  • Integrity, knowing that we have the people the tools and the equipment to complete our work and complete it to the highest quality and standards.
  • Reliability, we have consistently shown and came through for our clients, project owners and other project stakeholders by meeting our commitments on schedule and with in budget.

Our culture of caring, and fairness are cornerstones of our foundation. Whether it concerns our company, our people or our clients Banff people care about our work and each other.

We have had a long standing commitment from all levels of our company to instill these values upon others and to develop a like minded culture for our people. Living up to these values and in this culture drives accountability in our company, ourselves and for our teams.