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What Is Banff Constructors?

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Our History

Banff Constructors Ltd. has been in operation in the construction industry for over 30 years. Founded in 1983 by Mr. Ed Bellows, Banff Constructors was born out of the need to provide an innovative, skilled and motivated workforce in the Saskatchewan construction market. Over the years we have grown in diversity and complexity of the work we perform as well we have expanded into other markets with the addition of our Manitoba workforce 2014.

Today, we support a workforce of over 400 tradespeople working in two provinces in many demographics of the construction industry. Through their knowledge, and millions of hours of experience our people are the life blood of our operation and have provided us the successes we have celebrated in the past and will continue to celebrate into the future.

What is it like working at Banff Constructors?

It’s exciting, challenging, energetic and rewarding. We are a innovative forward thinking company focused on todays projects, but always thinking about tomorrows landmarks.

You’ll work in safety focused environment

Safety is our first priority. We succeed because we place the health and safety of our people, the community and the environment above all else.

You will be mentored

Whether you are a labourer, carpenter, mechanic or equipment operator you will work side by side with skilled construction professionals who will guide you, teach you and give you the support to grow within the company.

You’ll work with the latest technologies and equipment

We are continuously up grading the way we do things, keeping on top of the latest construction technologies and building systems, this coupled with access to the best equipment available provides a strong advantage for us and our clients.

You’ll go places

With projects being build and the work always being pursued, we have opportunities allover the prairies. We have crews working every where from the big cities to rural communities and remote locations in between.

You’ll be challenged

As one of the largest suppliers of construction craft labour in the prairies you will have the opportunity to work on some of the landmark projects we build. You’ll get hands on experience building and working with some of the leading constructors in our industry. You’ll help construct amazing projects and you will have bragging rights to say you helped build it.

You’ll have help building your career

Banff Constructor want’s all our employees to reach there full potential we provide opportunity for professional growth, improvement and learning through there entire career life cycle. We have career growth incentives and apprenticeship bonus programs to encourage our employees to never stop learning enabling them to climb the ladder to success.

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